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本文摘要:1. Bottoms Up Beer System洪水泛滥啤酒机Bottoms Up is the revolutionary new way to serve beer. The Bottoms Up system saves time, eliminates waste and awes customers!洪水泛滥啤酒机是推倒啤酒的一种革命性创意方式,节省时间,增加浪费,也令其顾客啧啧称奇。


1. Bottoms Up Beer System洪水泛滥啤酒机Bottoms Up is the revolutionary new way to serve beer. The Bottoms Up system saves time, eliminates waste and awes customers!洪水泛滥啤酒机是推倒啤酒的一种革命性创意方式,节省时间,增加浪费,也令其顾客啧啧称奇。It pours the perfect pint from the bottom of the glass.这个啤酒机能从下往上推倒着灌满一杯好酒。When a cup is placed on a dispenser, a magnet lifts to let beer flow in.您只需把杯子放在啤酒机上,杯底磁铁就不会自动压低,让啤酒流入杯子里。

When the cup is lifted and removed from the dispenser, the magnet seals the bottom and the drink is ready to be enjoyed.当啤酒杯压低,从啤酒机挪开,杯底磁铁不会挡住杯底,您就可以所取回头啤酒品尝了。It can free up bartenders so they can make more drinks when its busy.这样做生意挤迫时,调酒师就能腾使出来多做到几杯酒。2. The Hammocraft吊床架This frame lets you hang your hammock anywhere. You can use it on the water. Snow. On the road.有了这个支架,吊床平常都能搭乘。

可以搭乘在水上、雪上、公路上。Inventors Bryan Carpenter and Bland Hoke were inspired by their passion for the outdoors, and decided to come up with a creative way to bring their hammocks everywhere they go.设计师布莱恩-卡朋特和布兰德-霍克因为爱好户外运动而受到灵感,要求想要出有一种创新方式,需要平常搭乘吊床。The frame is easily assembled and attaches to paddle boards, kayaks, and rafts.吊床架装配便利,可以架在桨板、橡皮船和皮筏上。

3. Piggyback Rider自行车背带For parents, it is always a struggle to carry their children all day long, especially when they’re getting bigger and heavier.对家长而言,整天抱着孩子十分费劲,特别是在是孩子更加大、越来越重的时候。Piggyback riders are designed especially for small children and toddlers, to lessen the parents’ struggles.自行车背带是专门小宝宝设计的,以减低家长的开销。It replaces strollers and big backpack carriers that might even make it heavier or cumbersome for you to take your children out.自行车背带可以代替折叠式婴儿车和大背带,带上孩子出外时装载这些物件经常让家长感觉更为轻巧困难。

It makes piggybacks more comfortable.用这个背带腹孩子更为便利舒适度。It shifts your kids weight to your shoulders and core instead of your back.它把孩子的重量从您的后背移往到肩膀和腰腹部。

4. Fruit Mold水果模子These molds turn regular fruits into fun shapes.这些模子能让普通水果宽出有有意思的形状。The fruit is placed into the mold when its young and undeveloped.我们将仍未生长成型的水果放入模子里。It grows naturally into the molds shape.它不会大自然生长成模子的形状。

Are Some Molds Dangerous?有些模子对人体危险性?Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce mycotoxins, poisonous substances that can make you sick.是的,一些模子不会造成过敏反应和呼吸道症状。还有些模子在一些条件持续性产生“霉菌毒素”,分解病原的剧毒物质。


5.Paperpot Transplanter纸筒插秧机It can transport rows of seedlings in minutes. And can reduce planting time by 88 percent.这种插秧机只需几分钟之后能栽种数排幼苗。可节省88%的栽种时间。

The paperpot transplanter allows a single person to transplant 264 plants covering over 85ft in just minutes. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. Allowing you to spend less time transplanting crops, and more time doing other things like farm improvements, marketing, sales, or just taking some time off.纸筒插秧机可以让一名使用者在几分钟内在85英尺(约合26米)宽的一块田地里栽种264棵幼苗。这在以前一般来说耗时数小时,如今只需几分钟。

使用者在栽种农作物上花费的时间更加较少,可以节省出有更加多的时间做到其他的事,比如农田改良、市场销售、或者索性睡觉睡觉。6. Bubloon泡沫气球Bubloons are a hybrid between bubbles and balloons.泡沫气球是泡泡和气球的混合体。Special machines pump helium gas into the bubble solution.有专门的机器将氦气打进制作泡沫的溶液中。

The helium pushes the foam upwards through a stencil.被氦气覆以一起的泡沫穿越图形模板。Swipe them free and theyll soar into the sky.您只需用力一手将它们飞来,泡沫气球就不会自己飘向空中。7. MonPère旅行枕Its a travel pillow that bends to support your head in any position.这种旅行枕可以随便倾斜变形,您的头怎么敲都行。Its lightweight and rolls up easily for travel.它轻巧不易拉链,合适装载上下班。

Simply bend one end of the product around yourself or the back of your seat and bend the other end into a secure position for your head. You can even use the hand to hold your device for movie time.把产品的一端契合身体部位倾斜,或者绕行在座椅椅上,另一端倾斜成能维护头部安全性的造型。旅客还可以用旅行吊的手状设计摆放电子设备看电影。

8. Pour-Protection by Pet Life宠物保护伞Umbrellas for dogs are having a moment. They’re cute and funny, but also practical.狗狗雨伞于是以风行。甜美又有意思的,也十分简单。This umbrella protects your dogs from the sun and rain.这把小伞维护您的狗狗免遭日晒雨淋。

A chain connects the umbrella to a collar or harness.伞上的链子可以系由在狗狗的项圈或背拿着。